How to Bet on Tennis Online and Win in 2024

Place your tennis bets and get great chances to win.

Tennis Features

Before you start betting on tennis, it is important not only to have a good understanding of the sport, but also to know about its subtleties, as only such knowledge can be the key to a successful bet. The most important difference between tennis and other sports is that it is not a team game, but one where two players meet on the playing field and compete against each other. However, the peculiarities of betting on tennis lies not only in this, but also in the following two points: 

  • Port coverage. Any tennis match is played on a special field, or in other words, a court. All tennis courts can differ from each other by their coating and each of them can significantly change the course of the game. There are only 3 main covers – grass, asphalt, clay. The main differences are as follows – grass is the most likely to have fast speed and unpredictable bounces, asphalt – medium speed and predictable bounces, clay – slow speed and high bounces. That is why, before betting on tennis, monitor the information about what kind of surface will be on the court during the match. Many players show their results worse or better depending on the surface on which they play;
  • Regularities. Before betting on tennis the user needs to familiarize not only with the statistics of previous matches, but also to know about the players and their opponents on the field of play. Here it is important to know everything about past injuries, results, what motivation to win, what season of the year the game is played or against which opponent the game is played, and additionally it is important to know about the strengths and weaknesses of both sides. Such knowledge will be the key to the success of your future tennis betting.
To make bets explore the sport and its features.

Basic Rules of Tennis You Should Know

If you have previously experienced tennis betting, but for some reason it has not always been successful, you may want to update your tennis knowledge by remembering its basic terms, rules and basic concepts in order to begin to understand this sport at an expert level. 

Basic terminology that is important to understand: 

  • Serve – an out, and specifically its beginning, is often struck with an overhand stroke from behind the baseline; 
  • Match – in tennis, both regular and professional, a match is the completion/results of 3 to 5 sets; 
  • Set – is formed on the basis of at least 6 games. If the number of games match in 5, the set is automatically considered the first of seven; 
  • Games – blocks from which a set is built, any of the sets can consist of 6 games or more; 
  • Ace – a point awarded to the server if the receiver does not touch the ball; 
  • Error – the ball falls outside the opponent’s court. 

Tennis equipment generally consists of two main components – a tennis racket and a tennis ball. Balls can be yellow or white in color, although yellow is the color most commonly used at world tournaments. The player needs to hit the ball with the middle of the racket, the part with the strings, which is also known as the hitting surface. Tennis strokes can be of different types – dropshot, forehand, backhand, slice and smash. The calculation of points for tennis strokes is as follows: 

  • 1 point – 15;
  • 2 points – 30;
  • 3 points – 40.

Basic tennis rules:

  • The game starts with a serve by one of the players. The serve shall be served from the back line of their own half court, over the net and into the opponent’s half court without touching the lines;
  • When serving, the player shall stand behind the baseline and toss the ball in such a way that it is struck with his racket. The ball when serving must go over the net and fall within the opponent’s half court;
  • After a successful serve, players engage in open half court play, attempting to hit the ball so that it falls in the other player’s half out of their reach;
  • If the players can keep the ball in play, they continue to bounce it back over the net at regular intervals until one of them makes an error. The error may be, for example, the ball hitting the net or flying out of the court;
  • The following traditional score values are accepted in tennis: “Love” (zero), “15”, “30”, “40”. When players score equal to “40”, the next winning shot results in winning a “game”. If the score is paired (e.g., 40-40), the game continues until won by a two-point difference;
  • A match in tennis usually consists of a series of games, and the games are in turn collected into sets. Sets can have a varying number of games (usually 6), and you must win the most games to win a set. The total number of sets won is kept during the match, and the player who wins the most sets is declared the winner of the match.
Update your tennis knowledge by learning the rules and basic concepts.

How Does Betting on Tennis Work

To understand how to make a winning bet on tennis you won’t have to look for special information. The main type of bet that is used for betting on tennis is betting on the outcome of an event or on a particular player. This type of betting is the most reliable, as you just need to get to know the players on the field a little better and analyze the latest statistics on the previous matches played. In addition to betting on the main outcome in tennis there are other bets – more/less, on the total more/less, on the number of games played in a set, but it is better to make them if you have a little understanding of the intricacies of the game as tennis or learned about strategies from our review.

From our review you will learn how tennis betting works.

What Do I Need to Know About Players Before Placing a Bet?

Of course, placing bets on tennis by itself is not much of a problem as a process, however, if you want to make sure that your chances of winning a tennis bet are maxed out, then you need to learn as much as possible before betting, and this includes learning about players of each match. First of all, as clichΓ© as it may sound, different players may prefer different surfaces as their playing style may be more or less effective on a certain surface, so it makes sense to find out what surface the match is to be played on and how the player has performed on that surface before. Also, the player’s ranking in the standings plays an important role. Knowing this, you can compare it with the opponent’s rating, thus realizing which player has a better chance of winning. 

In tennis, there are often rivalries between some players. Therefore, keep track of previous matches between players to see how they have fared against each other and whether this could be a factor in the current match. You should also keep in mind the health of the players, because if one of the players is participating in a tournament having recently suffered some sort of injury, there is a good chance that he will not be able to perform his best in the tournament.

Of course, in conclusion it is worth noting that you should study the statistics of players, such as the percentage of wins, the number of eights, the number of double faults and other indicators, because it can help in determining the strengths and weaknesses of players. You can also use the statistics of the prognosticators to have an even clearer idea of the upcoming matches.

Check out the player's ranking in the standings to understand your chances of winning.

What Odds Mean and How to Read Them

Betting is not always an easy process, especially when we consider betting on tennis. As with any other bet, it is crucial to pay attention to the odds that are available for your chosen event before placing it. Odds give a clear understanding of how much profit you will get from a bet if it wins. In tennis betting, the odds have several formats that you need to understand: 

  • Fractional Odds. Often the odds for betting on cricket can be found in the format of decimal fractions, it looks as follows β…“ , the first number in this fraction shows the coefficient of potential winnings, and the second number – the amount on which the bet is made;
  • Decimal odds. Odds in the form of decimal fractions look like this – 2.3, 4.5, 7.2 representing a decimal number. This type of odds is most often chosen by players from India for betting on tennis, as in this format it is easiest to calculate the potential winnings simply by multiplying the amount of the bet by the decimal odds;
  • American odds. Here the odds come in two types – positive and negative. The positive ones translate the potential winnings on a bet of Rs 350, while the negative ones translate the amount the player has to bet that the winnings amounted to Rs 350. If you understand this type of odds then you can easily make profitable tennis bets. 

But in order for a tennis bet to play it is important not only to understand the odds, but also to follow their changes right during the tournament/match. The golden rule of calculating odds for tennis betting is that the lower the odds, the more likely the event will occur, but the amount of potential winnings will be less, and if the odds are high, they indicate a lower probability of the outcome of the event in this direction, but if it does occur the amount of winnings will be much higher than what you expected.

To place bets it is important to understand the odds and their changes.

Types of Markets for Tennis Bets

Since betting on tennis never goes out of fashion, most bookmakers provide excellent opportunities to make betting on this sport enjoyable for Indian punters. But what is worth paying attention to is the fact that tennis is a sport where you can find a variety of different types of bets that are not found in other sports. Below you will find all the basic information about the types of bets on tennis in 2024:

Long-term and Special Bets on Tennis

In tennis betting you can find such concepts as special bets and long-term bets, a little more about them can be found below: 

  • Special bets. This type of bet is designed for unusual things, here you will not find bets on losing or winning, but only on what can happen on the tennis field of play. You are offered an event, based on which you need to make a choice whether it will take place or not. This may include the following: in which round a player is eliminated, whether there will be a tie-break or how many games will be played over a certain period of time;
  • Long-term bets. This type of bet is best chosen for games that will not be completed in the near future, i.e. will take a long period of time. For example, during a tournament you can bet only on the last game played or you can bet on the winner of the tournament. The only thing that matters here is when your chosen player reaches the final.
Explore what long term and special tennis bets mean.

Is It Possible to Bet on Tennis in Live Mode?

Most tennis betting fans most often choose to bet before the game starts, and miss the opportunity to bet on tennis in real time. Yes, live betting is also relevant for such a game as tennis, many bookmakers today actively provide such an opportunity. When a tennis match or tournament begins, the gaming platform brings this event to a special section of betting in live mode by going to which you can watch live broadcasts in high quality and directly as the events develop on the playing field to bet in real time, and it is worth noting that the odds of such bets are much higher than usual. 

Also, to make your decisions on live betting reasonable and you can win, bookmakers actively give the opportunity to use statistics and provide detailed reports on both past games and those that are going on at the moment.

Bookmakers actively provide the opportunity as live tennis betting.

How to Place a Bet on Tennis in 4 Steps?

So that you do not have to deal with how to bet on tennis at any bookmaker of your choice, we have compiled step-by-step instructions:

Step 1
Choose your bookmaker and open the betting site.

Decide on the Gaming Platform

Before betting on tennis, it is important to choose a bookmaker that provides all the opportunities in the direction of betting, for example, broadcasts not only the world tennis championships, but also regional, as well as provides convenient payment methods for your region, and the ability to conduct all monetary transactions in INR. Check if the selected bookmaker has a mobile application and how easy it is for you to navigate in the betting sections.

Step 2
Register your account or log in to a previously created account.

Go Through the Registration Process

After you have decided on the gaming platform you need to either log in to your previously created gaming account using your login and password, or go through the registration process by filling out a special form with the following personal and contact information: username, phone number, valid e-mail address, age, place and country of residence, referral code, select a payment method and currency. If there is a promo code, enter it in the special window.

Step 3
Make a deposit into your betting account.

Replenish the Game Balance

In order to start betting, a user needs to make a deposit thereby replenishing the game balance. To do this, you need to find and click on the “Deposit” button, select the payment method and enter the exact amount to be deposited, indicating the account details from which the debit will be made.

Step 4
Open any tennis tournament and place a bet.

Place Bets on Tennis

After the funds are displayed on your game balance you will need to go to the sports betting section and choose tennis from the offered matches. Choose the desired match/tournament, betting market, bet type and odds. Then in a special window enter the amount to bet and confirm that the bet is registered. Wait until the end of the event to find out whether your bet has been played or not.

Features Betting on Tennis Using Mobile Apps

If you used to bet on tennis on the bookmaker’s official webpage, now you should definitely consider such an option as mobile betting apps. Almost every gaming platform that provides betting opportunities has its own mobile app, in which the betting process can be many times more convenient. Thanks to it, you will have access to betting on tennis literally in one click and always be aware of whether your bet has played or not, and what bonus offers await you for betting on tennis, if you connect the push-notifications function. Also, many users note that in mobile applications live broadcasts of all tennis matches are in higher quality and do not fly out. Therefore, it is high time right now to find a suitable mobile app, download it and install it. Live tennis betting is just a click away!

You can bet on tennis from your mobile device.

How to Analyze a Match Properly

As we have previously mentioned, betting on tennis does not simply mean that you pick one bet and randomly choose the winner, no. Tennis betting is much more than that, as proper preparation is necessary for a successful tennis bet.

Proven Tennis Betting Strategies 2024

If you want to bet on tennis not only for fun, but also to get regular cash winnings from them you need to know a few strategies. We have analyzed a huge number of tennis betting strategies and selected the ones you should stick to:

What You Should Avoid When Betting on Tennis

If you want to bet on tennis in a way that will make you profitable in the long run, you should be aware of what you should really avoid the moment you want to place a bet. In case you stick to our advice, we can guarantee that betting on tennis will bring you an extremely positive betting experience. 

  • Do not know the sport. Betting on a sport that you don’t understand is the first and foremost mistake any bettor can make. If you decide to bet on tennis, you need to have a good understanding of the game itself, know about its specifics and subtleties, especially to take into account such things as: what skills are better or worse developed in the players, the system of points, ratings and for what can disqualify players and what violations exist in tennis;
  • Do not keep an eye on your bankroll. The success of any tennis bet depends directly on the state of your bankroll and whether you have a healthy control over it. Before each bet, it is important to allocate a certain amount of money on which the bet will be placed and not to go beyond it, so as not to lose more money than you can afford; 
  • Betting on only one tennis player. Another grave mistake that users regularly make when betting on tennis. Yes, it is extremely important to choose a player to bet on, but it is also important to realize that even the toughest professionals make mistakes, get injured or lose motivation before the game. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow the life of players off the tennis court and if you realize that today your player is not in the best shape, you should avoid betting on him;
  • Analyze past matches. Follow the statistics of past tennis games, read the commentary of each game from professional analysts to be aware of what can happen during the game;
  • Don’t ignore using betting bonuses and promotions. Most bookmakers provide their players with an impressive range of bonuses and promotions which can be quite helpful when placing bets. For example, many bookmakers offer a welcome bonus that lets you get a great increase in your first deposit. Apart from that, you can also often use cashback or free bets, as well as take part in the loyalty program, which lets you receive additional rewards along with the winnings from your tennis bets;
  • Use a mobile application. When placing bets on tennis, it would be a great idea to use a mobile app for betting as well. After all, the application does not take much space on your device, but by getting it, you can place great tennis bets no matter where you are, as well as place live bets to watch the flow of any game no matter where you are.

By keeping all of these tips in mind, it is certain that your chances for winning any tennis bet will most likely improve, so please, make sure to use them when you place your tennis bets.

To make your tennis betting profitable you should follow our tips.

Best Bookies for Tennis Betting in India 2024

It is extremely difficult to choose the really best gambling platform that specializes in tennis betting for Indian players, as there is a huge variety of them on the internet nowadays. We had to visit various bookmakers and check how relevant their tennis betting offers are and how high odds they can offer on famous matches and tournaments. Any gambling platform you see below has been checked on various technical and functional aspects and each of them has a valid gambling license, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data and tennis betting.

Brand Highlights Bonus Rating Link
The best platform for your sports betting Parimatch.

Parimatch Highlights

  • Best Android & iOS app for sport betting
  • One of the best betting bonuses
  • Excellent cricket odds for bettors

Welcome Bonus

150% Up to INR 12,000

Welcome bonus on betting up to INR 12,000 for new customers from India.

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Place bets on any sports with Megapari.

Megapari Highlights

  • More than 2000 game events per day
  • Hindi support available
  • Large selection of live events

Welcome Bonus

100% Up to INR 30,000

Welcome bonus for the sports section.

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Go to Melbet and place your winning bet.

Melbet Highlights

  • Simple registration
  • Excellent real-time betting feature
  • 250+ major league markets

Welcome Bonus

100% Up to 20.000 INR

New Melbet players can get a bonus of +100% on their first deposit of up to INR 20.000.

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Place your bets on sports at 1Win.

1Win Highlights

  • The minimum deposit amount is just 300 INR
  • Handy mobile application on Android and iOS
  • Live cricket betting feature available

Welcome Bonus

500% Up to INR 80,400

New customers at 1Win can get a welcome bonus of 500% up to 80,400 INR.

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Dafabet is one of the largest betting sites in India.

Dafabet Highlights

  • Mobile app for Android and IOS
  • VIP programme
  • Competitive odds

Welcome Bonus

160% Up to 16,000 INR

Bonus is active for the Sports section with minimum deposit Rs 1,000.

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Place your bets directly during the match with Indibet.

Indibet Highlights

  • 2000+ daily sporting events
  • Wide range of betting types and markets
  • Simple registration

Welcome Bonus

400% Up to INR 25,000

Bonus is activated for both 200% sports betting and 200% casino games!

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Official site for sports betting Baji Live.
Baji Live

Baji Live Highlights

  • Convenient payment methods for Indian users
  • Live streaming of cricket matches
  • Various promotions and bonuses

Welcome Bonus

150% Up to INR 10,000

Available to new members who make their first deposit with Baji.

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Bet on any tournaments with 22bet.

22Bet Highlights

  • Live Betting and Live Casino
  • Wide selection of sports disciplines
  • Instant deposit

Welcome Bonus

100% Up to INR 10,000

Deposit INR 10,000 in your new account and get INR 10,000 added for no additional cost.

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Bet on your favorite sports with Sapphirebet.

SapphireBet Highlights

  • App for Android and iOS
  • Instant deposit
  • Rupees Currency

Welcome Bonus

100% Up to INR 8,700

After completing the registration process, players can enjoy a unique Welcome Bonus for new customers.

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Khelraja official betting website in India.

Khelraja Highlights

  • Real-time statistics are available
  • A variety of sports and high odds
  • Suitable for Indian players with UPI support

Welcome Bonus

50% Up to INR 15,000

Obtain +50% up to INR 15000 on your account simply by making your first deposit.

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Is it Possible to Bet on Tennis in Live Mode Directly While Watching Live Streams?

Yes, many gambling platforms actively offer the opportunity to bet on tennis directly while watching live streams in high quality, such a feature is necessary in order to bet with the highest winning percentage. Each live tennis bet also offers a great diversity of betting markets, and the odds for such bets are also higher, therefore, you can get better winnings with more enjoyment.

Can Tennis Betting be Considered a Profitable Activity?

No one can give you a guarantee that betting on tennis will bring you regular income, as the betting process in general can not be called a stable resource for earning money. Winning bets can be regularly received only if you are well versed in the sport, know all its subtleties, players, strategies and many other factors. Any bets, including on tennis, should be approached wisely.

Is it Possible to Bet on a Particular Player in Tennis?

Yes, tennis is one of the sports that is not a team sport, so betting on specific players is exactly what you should do here, but before you register a bet, analyze the previous games that have been played by this player to be confident in him.

What Types of Bets are Considered the Most Popular in Tennis?

It is impossible to say definitively that any bet type stands out from the main ones, but the most common bet types chosen by Indian users are over/under, set betting, match/tournament winner, handicaps, and live betting.

Which is the Best Tennis Betting Market?

Today it is extremely difficult to choose one betting market better than another, as many bookmakers make similar offers to each other. All you should know when choosing a betting market is to look for the one with the highest odds, as this can increase your potential winnings several times over. Each betting market requires a certain level of knowledge, therefore, if you are new to tennis betting – pick something a bit easier for the time being.